The men and women of Lapp Masonry are our most valued resource. Our entire leadership team is committed to providing the safest work environment for our employees. Through annual training and seminars, our employees stay up to date on safe practices and certified on our equipment. 

Safety Director

Lapp Masonry employees two dedicated safety personnel who oversee the company safety program, on site safety operations, and chair our safety committee.


Each employee is trained certified to operate each piece of equipment we use, to include; off-road forklifts, scaffolds, and aerial lifts. Further, we conduct annual training sessions that cover all applicable federal regulations governing the construction industry and our specific trade. Our staff is training and equipped to identify and correct hazards on the job site before an injury occurs.

Certifications and Competent Person

Many of our employees have attended authorized 10 Hour safety courses, carry certifications for our equipment, and are competent persons for the use of scaffolds and off-road forklifts. 

Safety Committee

The mission of our safety committee is to improve the company safety program and develop best practices in safety. Their mission is carried out through monthly meetings, field assessments, and leadership in safety while in the field.