Lapp Masonry specializes in new construction masonry projects for commercial, industrial, educational, hospitality, cultural, and religious buildings in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Our typical scope includes brick, architectural and structural CMU, as well as natural and manufactured stone. You can expect exceptional customer service from day one.  

Customer Service

Our top priority is providing a service that enhances  the reputation of our clients. We strive to provide you with the service you need to make your project successful and to build strong relationships with your clients. Our leadership team will partner with you every step of the way; from providing value engineering solutions, to mobilizing our team to meet your schedule, attending project meetings and working through design changes. We want to be part of your team today and tomorrow. 


 Our estimating team works closely with general contractors, architects, and engineers to provide budgeting and estimating services while offering trade specific consulting to meet the project requirements. Our estimators have the experience and trade knowledge to provide you with building design, masonry product installation,  and  value engineering solutions. We used advanced estimating software to precisely calculate the cost of your project and develop a 3D model of your building to verify our take-off matches the drawings. 

Project Execution

From the day we mobilize to your site until the day we lay the last block, you can expect professionalism, competence, and safety from our employees. Our masons are dedicated to superior craftsmanship and efficient workflow. Our managers are effective communicators who strive to execute your plan and meet your expectations.