A Tradition of Craftsmanship, Timeliness, and Safety

J. Lapp Masonry, LLC was founded nearly 20 years ago by a young mason who had just begun to learn the trade. It all began with that first project; renovation of an old hotel with natural stone walls. What began with a young mason, rented and borrowed equipment, and long days turned into a successful project.  That hotel is still around today and those natural stone walls look beautiful. Just don't ask us how many times those walls had to be built. Nowadays, we get it right the first time. We've also grown a bit since then. 

Today, we provide exceptional masonry and concrete services to some of the greatest general contractors and owners in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. At Lapp Masonry, we serve our clients so that they can serve theirs. We want the general contractors we work with to be successful and to satisfy their customers. We do this by providing exceptional customer service and superior craftsmanship in our field.